Posted by Cathy Cooper

Use Batik art to decorate your home. Here’s how.

Create an artwork

Create batik art, have them framed and hang them on your walls or doors, Hearth and Vine suggest. That’s one way to add artistic touches to your home. You may also want to consider the hues and shades that fit your home’s personality and character the best. If you have a lot of relaxing shades in your home, then your Batik Fabric art should be blue or cerulean color.

Make a tablecloth

Look for batik patterns online to help you create the perfect tablecloth for your dining area. That’s going to add an ethnic feel to your home. If that’s exactly the vibe and look you want, then you’re on the right path.

Cover up your walls

If you want people to feel like they’ve stepped into paradise the moment they come into your home, then peppering up your walls with fantastic batik art is one way to transform your ho-hum living space into a visually arresting space. Pair that up with the right furniture, lighting, and accessories, and you’ll end up with something special.

Go dramatic

Use black, gray or white shades. A monochrome scheme, done right, will look wonderful. Factor in the addition of similarly-themed batik pillowcases in the room and you’ll have a home that’s visually on point.

Play with color

If you want more drama, though, and can’t stand monochromatic themes, then add more color and pop into your living space when you make a pillowcase with motifs common to the Batik art pieces in your home.

Start small

Don’t try to work on a huge quilt for your bed, not when you’re just starting out anyway. Look for small projects. The results may be simple, but the satisfaction you get from doing a job well done will be more than enough reward for the experience. Once you improve your skills, you’ll find yourself moving on to projects that test your quilting talents even further.

Create gifts

Starting small can mean having a lot of finished cushion covers, pillowcases or even placemats or cup mats lying around. No worries. Now, you won’t have to shop around for a lot of gifts. You’ve got plenty enough to give to your friends.

Ready to get started with those batik pieces? Shop around for patterns online. Check out patterns along with other tools, supplies, and equipment at our store today. Contact Runaway Quilting for orders and inquiries.