Posted by Cathy Cooper

Essential Quilting Tools Every Beginner Needs

Quilting is an exciting adventure that many are eager to try, but as a new quilter, you may not be sure what exactly you need. At the beginning of quilting, people did not have access to all of the quilting tools and notions that we do today, but there are many essential quilting tools that make modern quilting much easier and more enjoyable. While every single fancy item is not one of the must-have quilting tools, there are some quilting materials needed for even the more beginner projects. 

In this post, we will break down some of the top quilting supplies for beginners. 


You don’t want to sew with wrinkled materials. To ensure you make the best cuts possible, you should have an iron. Ideally, you want an iron that can steam the fabrics so you can remove wrinkles and set your seams. 

A Sewing Machine 

While it’s not absolutely mandatory, a sewing machine is one of the top must-have quilting tools. You could hand sew everything, but a sewing machine is much faster and more efficient. You’ll have to consider the size of the plate and how you pan to quilt. You don’t need a huge, fancy sewing machine to create incredible quilts. 

Rotary Cutter

For the cleanest quilts, you’ll want a rotary cutter. Rotary cutters are special tools used to cut straight lines, and they make the quilting process much easier for beginners. A 45mm blade is a solid option for a rotary cutter. The 60mm is for cutting batting, multiple layers, or thicker materials.  However, the 45mm is very user-friendly for beginner quilters and can also cut through a few layers of fabric. 

Cutting Mat 

Another one of the quilting materials needed for beginners is the cutting mat. To cut with your rotary cutter, you’ll need a self-healing cutting mat to keep the blade sharp and protect the surface underneath. Self-healing mats actually repair themselves after each cut, which keeps your blade sharper longer. 


Scissors are tools needed for quilting. You’ll want a pair of small scissors as well as sewing scissors. Small scissors help with hand sewing,  clipping threads, and small cutting jobs. Sewing scissors help with special projects, including templates. 

Seam Ripper 

Seam rippers are one of the must-have quilting tools. Of course, you cannot make a perfect seam every time, especially as a beginner. Seam rippers allow you to easily remove seams so you can start over.


Of course, needles are essential quilting tools. Most likely, you will need hand sewing needles and sewing machine needles. The sewing machine needles will depend on your sewing machine, thread type, and thread size. You’ll need to change your needle often, generally every time you start a new project. Titanium-coated needles are recommended for beginners as they stay sharper for longer. In terms of hand-sewing needles, you want one that is comfortable and solid. 


Lastly, you’ll definitely need a thread. There are so many different options when it comes to quilting thread, you must consider the colour, material, and more to find the thread that meets your needs. A basic cotton thread is often the best option for beginners, as it works well for many different projects. 

Shop for the Quilting Supplies for Beginners

Getting the right quilting supplies for beginners will make your first quilting projects much easier and more efficient. When shopping for the must-have quilting tools, you’ll certainly want quality and convenience. Shop for the best tools needed for quilting on our best-selling online store,