Posted by Cathy Cooper

Quilts don’t just keep you warm. They add a touch of color and creativity to your space. If you’re shopping for quilts for sale in Canada, run through the following pointers.

Make a list

If you love quilts, then visiting the product page of stores well-loved by quilting addicts and hobbyists like you will feel like a trip to the candy store every time. But that also means you could end up buying more than you need. Start by making a list of all the essentials. That’s going to help keep you on the straight and narrow.

Know why

Why are buying quilts in the first place? Are you going to use them for when you sleep? If you are, then are you a hot or cold sleeper? Your answers will influence the quilts you’ll want to buy.

Factor in your needs

Do you have allergies to certain materials? If you don’t, do you live with someone who does and to what materials, then? Keep these things at the forefront of your mind when you shop for quilts for sale in Canada.

Consider the heft

Hate the feeling of being weighed down? Then you’ll want to stay away from materials like wool. However, if you want a material with one of the best insulating qualities, this hits the mark. You could also go for feather and down quilts, which provide you with the warmth without the weight. If you overheat easily, though, then pick out natural fibers. These will absorb the moisture, so you stay cool while you sleep, Lifestyle says.

Want more weight?

If you hate waking up in the morning with your quilt on the floor, then you may want to scout around for options that have more heft in them. That or go for the next size so it’ll be heavier. Set aside a different one for summer and winter so you’ll have a quilt that’s perfect for the season, weight-wise.

Look for finishing touches

When you shop around, you may want to check out options with classy designs, the kind that could add a note of luxuriousness to your bed. Stripes or embossed designs often do the job.

Check out new products

Don’t forget to check out new products regularly. Visit Runaway Quilting and find out what items you may have missed. With an extensive inventory of quilting products, you can shop for everything you need all in one go.