• How to choose the best fabric stores online Canada has

    Posted by Cathy Cooper

    A fabric store has a wide selection of different items for you to make many different creations. Crafting and sewing is a fun and enjoyable pastime and allows you to create items to sell or give away to friends and family. Shopping online for fabric is much easier than going in person to visit a store however how do you know which online store is best when looking for fabric store online Canada has? By taking the time to make the right selection, you can be assured of choosing the best supplier for your fabric needs.

    A wide variety to choose from

    One way to select the best fabric stores online Canada has is to choose a store that has many options available. You can select a store that has different types of fabric for different needs such as cloth making, quilt making, an more. If you plan on making many different types of quilts, you will need to choose fabric stores online Canada offers with quilt fabrics of all colors and patterns.

    Pre Cut Squares

    Pre cut squares are one of the types of fabric you can get at fabric stores online Canada jhas. These squares come in many different patterns. From kid's illustrations to plain fabric squares, there is no end to the variety of pre cut squares you can find to complete your craft projects.

    Great delivery rates

    Another point to be aware of when selecting the best fabric stores Canada has to offer is to ensure that they offer great delivery rates. If you can get great deals on local delivery prices in Canada, then you can feel confident knowing that you are getting the very best deal. Free shipping is always ideal but if this isn't available, then affordable shipping is the next best option.

    By keeping these points in mind, you will be well on your way to choosing the best fabric store available.

    Runaway Quilting offers the best fabric selection in Canada. Visit them online to learn more information at https://runawayquilting.com.

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  • The products available from fabric stores online in Canada

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    Fabric stores have a wide range of different options including new and unusual patterns that are very beautiful and unique. Depending on the project at hand, one can find a plethora of different types of fabric in all different colors and patterns. Whether you are planning on making a quilt, sewing doll clothing, or trying your hand at making curtains, you are sure to find just what you are looking for from fabric stores online in Canada.

    Purchasing precut fabric for your project

    No matter the scope of your project, to get the best results, it helps to have the right tools and materials. Pre cut fabric is one of those materials that makes it easier to get your project done according to the specific requirements needed. You can find pre cut fabric from fabric stores online Canada suppliers such as Runaway Quilting. We have a nice selection of fabric to choose from that will bring out the best in your project.

    A variety of sizes

    Not all sizes of precut fabric are suitable for your project at hand. When it comes to choosing from the available options, it helps to take your time and browse through the sizes that are listed. Check these sizes against the instructions for your project so that you know exactly which types of fabric to purchase. Some of the sizes pre-cut fabric is available in include 1 1/2” strips, 2 1/2” strips, 5” strips, 5” squares and 10” squares. You can also find the fabric you need in the shape of Hexagons or in one meter cuts.

    Specialty fabric

    In addition to finding standard fabric squares, you can also find speciality fabric for your upcoming project. This includes pleather fabric, mesh fabric, and fabric with whimsical prints. You may have to check different fabric stores online Canada services in order to get just the speciality fabric you are looking for.

    Runaway Quilting has many different types of fabric available to select from. Find out more by exploring the website to make your best selection.

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  • 5 Blogs that will inspire you!

    Posted by Cathy Cooper

    There is something very special about quilting – it is the quilting community that has no boundaries. Quilting enthusiasts are all around the world – people of different ages, backgrounds, but the same passion for quilting! This strong community created an online support network in the form of blogs, where everyone can find inspiration, learn or ask for a help with their project.

    There are hundreds if not thousands of quilting blogs, but we have selected 5 that we feel will benefit you in your future quilting projects.


    A Quilting Life by Sherri

    Quilting Life offers inspiration and tutorials for modern quilting projects. Sherri, a mother of four, has over two decades of experience which she shares on her blog, in articles and two books she wrote.

    Diary of a Quilter by Amy Smart

    This is another blog written by a mother of four. Amy has been quilting since she was young, and she offers an abundance of help and inspiration for quilters of all levels. From step-by-step instructions on how to make a quilt to binding, make sure you visit her blog and amazing tutorials.





    Fresh Lemons by Faith

    Faith has been quilting since 2009, and as for many of us little did she know that a simple project will change her life forever. She is now writing a blog that offers great ideas and patterns as well as very easy to follow tutorials. She has also written few books including Amy Butler's In Stitches, so you are definitely in for a ride with this author.  





    Quilting is My Therapy by Angela

    Angela has a great passion for machine quilting, and the purpose of her blog is to serve as a significant resource for machine quilters. On her blog you will find close up pictures of machine quilting, tips and tricks as well as many quilting designs and tutorials.





    She Quilts a Lot by Peta Peace

    Brisbane, Australia based Peta has been quilting for over 14 years, and now she is sharing her knowledge on her blog. We love the relaxed way of delivering tutorials, with easy to read explanation and beautiful close-up pictures. Apart from tutorials on making quilts, you will also find here instructions on how to make tiny stockings, lavender bags and much more.

    Hope you will enjoy these blogs, but don’t stop there. In your free time explore the internet and uncover many more sources of inspiration.


    Need quilting supplies? Trust Runaway Quilting

    Don't struggle through your latest project without the tools you need to make life easier. Let us provide everything you need—let Runaway Quilting be your quilt supplies source for all things crafty in Canada.



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  • The Ultimate Guide to Quilting for Beginners

    Posted by Cathy Cooper

    It’s easy to get started as a new quilter!

    That’s why, at Runaway Quilting, we created “The Ultimate Guide to Quilting for Beginners.” If you’re just beginning with quilting—or you know someone who is—download this helpful guide for free.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Which four things you need to get started
    • How to size your quilt
    • What you need to know about quilt batting so your quilt turns out perfectly, and more

    And here’s one more reason to download your copy of “The Ultimate Guide to Quilting for Beginners”: inside you’ll find a coupon for 5% off your purchase!

    Download your copy today by clicking “Send me my Ultimate Guide”. You’ll learn every beginner needs to know—and you’ll get 5% off your order. Grab your copy today.


    The Ultimate Guide to Quilting for Beginners


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  • Quilt Sizes: Measurements From Baby to King

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     Quilt Sizes:Measurements From Baby to King


    It's important to have a good grasp on quilt sizes if you plan to pursue the hobby of quilt-making. 

    While quilting isn't an exact science in any way, and it leaves lots of room for the artist's interpretation, you'll still want your finished quilt to fit your bed, your grandson's crib or that space on the wall that's just itching for a handcrafted textile.  

    Familiarizing yourself with common measurements is a solid first step for anyone who plans to make quilts. The following quilt sizes are suggested by BCQuilter's Weblog.


    Popular Quilt Sizes

    • Baby — Baby quilts are typically square in shape and range from 36 inches / 91cm by 36 inches / 91cm, up to 52 inches / 132cm by 52 inches / 132cm. Either one, or any measurement in between, will be big enough to keep baby snugly warm on even the coldest winter day.
    • Crib — Crib quilts typically measure between 30 inches / 76 cm by 46 inches / 117cm and 36 inches /91cm by 50 inches / 127cm. They're rectangular in shape and will fit most crib mattresses when made to fall within these measurements.
    • Toddler Bed — Quilts for toddler beds are rectangular and should measure about 46 inches / 117cm by 70 / 178cm inches to fit a standard-size toddler mattress.
    • Lap — Lap quilts can be square or rectangular, depending how you decide to make them. There's a lot of leeway where lap quilts are concerned, and you can make yours in nearly any size you choose. A good place to start is around 52 inches / 132 cm by 52 inches / 132cm, up to 52 inches / 132cm by 78 inches / 198cm. It all depends on whether you just want a light coverlet to go over your lap or if you plan to snuggle up with a favorite someone on the couch.
    • Twin — A twin-size quilt usually begins around 64 inches / 163cm by 86 inches / 218cm, but measurements can go as high as 72 inches / 183cm by 96 inches / 244cm if you want a nice drape over the sides of the bed.
    • Full — A good place to start for a full-size quilt is 70 inches / 178cm by 88 inches / 224cm or 88 inches / 224cm by 100 inches / 254cm. Again, it just depends on the drape.
    • Queen — Queen-size quilts usually measure around 99 inches / 252cm by 108 inches / 274cm.
    • King — For your king-size bed, you'll want a coverlet that measures at least 108 inches / 274cm by 108 inches / 274cm for nice coverage all around.


    Depending upon where you look on the internet for standard quilt sizes, you're going to find quite a bit of variation. The measurements listed here tend to be generous to allow the quilt to drape nicely over all sides of the bed. But smaller quilts are fine too.

    For the best fit, break out the tape measure and take the exact measurements of the bed you're trying to dress and then allow extra inches for overhang on all sides. Crazy Mom Quilts has a great tutorial for learning exactly how to measure your bed. If you want your quilt to cover and tuck beneath your pillows, you'll want to allow for that as well.


    Quilt sizes for table runners, place mats or wall hangings

    Of course, not every quilting project starts out to fill a bed. And if you're just looking to create handcrafted accessories for home — items like table runners, place mats or wall hangings— here are a few loose guidelines out there to help you manage quilt sizes.

    • Wall Hangings — Wall hangings really have no hard and fast rules that apply. The smartest approach is to measure the space you want the textile to cover and go from there.
    • Table Runners — The average size of a typical table runner is 12 inches / 30cm by 40 inches / 102cm.
    • Place Mats — Your quilted place mats should measure roughly 11 inches / 28cm by 15 inches /38cm.


    What size will you make your quilt?

    Quilt sizes matter, but only because you want your finished quilt to fit your bed, table or that big white space on your wall. Other than that, sizing is up to your interpretation. As the quilt maker, you're the artist and it's your vision that's being realized. Don't be afraid to make your quilt whatever size you want if it will give your project that little extra punch of individuality.

    Looking for an easy way to remember quilt sizes? Download Runaway Quilting’s free printable guide, the Ultimate Guide to Quilt Sizes—featuring both imperial and metric sizes.




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