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Shopping for Batik fabric in Canada is now easier. You won’t have to bop over from one shop to another just to find what you need. Shop at Runaway Quilting for an array of choices.

Pick a theme

Shop by themes. Go for different ones like abstract, blender, dots, and spots, floral, geometric and modern. Starting your search with a theme can help narrow down your options that much faster.

Check out brands

At Runaway Quilting, we carry options from excellent brands like Batik Textiles, Cantik Textiles, Hoffman Fabrics and Anthology Fabrics. If you love any of these brands, then you’re sure to have fun browsing through our product page for the options you want.

Consider the colors

Explore the many hues and shades you pick when you shop with us. For quality Batik fabric in Canada in a varied selection of colors, you won’t be disappointed when you finally decide on what products you’ll want to buy.

Shop for new products

At Runaway Quilting, we know how exciting it is to check out new options for your favorite products. That's why our inventory is constantly updated with new options from excellent brands. If you’re tired of using the same materials and you’re looking for new options, you won’t have to look much further. At Runaway Quilting, we add new items to our inventory on a daily basis. Check for the latest and shop to your heart’s content.

Enjoy customer service

At Runaway Quilting, customer service isn’t a concept; it’s a practice. We built our organization from the ground up by putting this idea at the center of our corporate culture. That’s because we know how important your business is to us. We appreciate the trust you give you and strive even more to provide you with services and products that won’t let you down.

Shop for a bundle

Hit two, three or more birds with one stone. Bundle all your shopping needs into one. Check out quilt kits, patterns, sewing notions, tools, supplies and more. Browse through our inventory for anything you may need. You can never have too much of a good set of tools. And if yours are already showing signs of wear, then it may be time for you to invest in quilting tools as soon as possible.

Explore as many as 7,000 quilting products and supplies. Have fun when you browse through our site. Ready to order? Contact us for details.

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