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What Is The Difference Between Stabilizer & Interfacing?


Stabilizer and interfacing are both used in many quilting projects. Upon first glance, the two may seem quite similar, but they have important differences. Before purchasing a stabilizer or interfacing, you’ll need to know the difference between stabilizer and interfacing. 

In this post, we will explain stabilizer vs interacting, so that you can choose the best option for your project. 


What is a fabric stabilizer?

The stabilizer is stiff and provides structure. It’s created to be rigid in all directions. For example, it may be like a film that you used for embroidery or sewing, and it’s not always a permanent part of the project. You may use a stabilizer to provide structure as you add appliques or sew a sheer fabric, and then remove it once you’re done sewing. 


What is interfacing? 

On the other hand, interfacing is meant to provide support in one direction while flexing in another. It’s a sort of fabric and is usually a permanent addition to apparel projects. It adds body and stiffness, providing reinforcement. For example, you may add interfacing to the t-shirt squares of a quilt to provide stability. 


Stabilizer vs Interfacing 

The biggest difference between stabilizer and interfacing is that stabilizer provides more structure and is usually removed after sewing, whereas interfacing becomes part of the project. When deciding between interfacing and stabilizer, you must consider:

  • Stabilizers are commonly used for tote bags and crafts
  • Interfacing is often used to provide more body in apparel projects 
  • Interfacing is meant to be permanently added to the fabric 
  • The stabilizer is meant to be removed after stitching 
  • Both interfacing and stabilizer is available as a sew-in or fusible option 


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