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9 Quilt Patterns to Make with Kids or Grandkids


Quilt patterns for kids and grandkids range from overly “cutesy” to whimsical yet mature.

That’s one of the reasons It can almost be overwhelming to try to find a quilt pattern that your child or grandchild might be interested in crafting with you. Baby quilts… Memory quilts… And a whole host of ideas in between. The choices are nearly endless.

At the same time, kids these days have so much competing for their attention—sports, television, video games and electronic devices…

But fear not. Kids still crave attention from adults; reach out and they’re likely to respond to you, even if they don’t fully embrace quilting right away.

That said, they’ll probably take to quilting faster if you pick the right pattern

If you’re searching for quilt patterns to make with your kids or grandkids, here are some of the most kid-friendly ideas to get you started.


Sports quilts

Sporting quilt patterns are all the rage with little baseball players, future basketball stars and football fans. Make your child’s favourite team or player the star of this quilt by incorporating team colours, logos, jerseys or numbers.

Making this quilt would be a great chance for you to connect with children or grandchildren over sports.


Strip quilts

This simple strip quilt is one of the easiest ways to take leftover fabric and fashion it into a stylish quilt. As a way to make a keepsake for your kids will cherish, let them choose the fabric prints they want for this quilt. Thanks to the simple design this is a very forgiving pattern that makes quilting a cinch—great for younger beginning quilters.


Gaming quilts

If you have a video game loving grandkid, this Minecraft quilt is a great way to connect on a gamer’s level. Since Minecraft is all about squares, this makes for the perfect theme for an easy quilt for kids. Best of all, the quilt can be made to resemble a tree or other landscape from Minecraft—and it will still seem relevant when they’re old and grown.


Superhero quilts

Superhero quilt patterns can be the perfect choice for kids. After all, what child wouldn’t love to be protected in bed by Batman, Super Woman or Spiderman? Let your kids help you choose the superhero quilt theme, along with the patterned fabrics, to bring this quilt to life.


Fidget quilts

Fidget quilts are all the rage these days. From helping kiddos develop their motor skills to giving bored toddlers something to keep them occupied, fidget quilts have you covered.

Choose buttons, zippers and other attachments that can be washed easily. Also look for different textures in your fabrics to add to the touch sensation of this active quilt.

Remember though, don’t give this quilt to a smaller child that could choke on the attached pieces.


Tree quilts

For an awesome memory piece your child or grandchild will treasure for years to come, use a tree design on a basic plain quilt to make your very own family tree.

Try getting your kids and grandkids to help you do the research to encourage their genealogy skills and educate them in a fun way about their ancestry.

The quilt itself here is very basic, which will make the leaves and tree branches the star of the show.


Animal quilts

Animal lovers will fawn over this idea. Create an animal inspired quilt with your little ones, showcasing their favourite animals of the moment.

You could stick with a single animal, such as with the Fancy Fox quilt, or you can opt for an overall theme, such as zoo animals or forest creatures. The backdrop is a basic wood grain that adds to the natural effect. (It also saves time while you and your little helper are finishing this masterpiece.)


“I Spy” quilts

For children who are huge fans of playing “I Spy” or other similar games, here’s a fantastic I Spy quilt pattern. Choosing random prints from some kid friendly fabrics, simply line everything up in a square.

Get your grandchild or child to help you cut out the squares—it’s a great way for them to practice their fine motor skills.

The fun continues after the quilt is finished when you spend hours together playing “I Spy” using the loud prints of this quilt.


Baby clothes quilts

All of those baby clothes that you can’t get rid of… What’s a mother or grandmother to do? Make a baby clothes quilt, of course. Here’s one of the cutest ideas yet to create a lasting memory with baby clothes you might have otherwise sold, donated or thrown out.

If you’d like, attach small toys, blankies or stuffed animals to add interest to this adorable work of art. Just make sure everything you add is washable.


So many quilt patterns, so little time

Finding the perfect quilt patterns to use for quilting with kids and grandkids is easy. Just start by thinking about what your kids enjoy doing, and take it from there. The work your young partner puts in will make lasting quilted memories.


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