• From Chevron to Pinwheel: 9 Easy Quilt Patterns to Try

    Posted by Lukas Kowalewski

    9 Easy Quilt Patterns to Try

    Break out your betweens and grab your low-loft batting because you're going to love these deceptively easy quilt patterns.

    From a classic mid-century chevron motif to an artsy kaleidoscope design, they only look complicated. You won't believe how much fun you're going to have creating your family's next heirloom treasure.  



    There are as many methods for piecing a chevron motif as there are spare bobbins in your sewing box, but this easy quilt pattern for the classic chevron, found over at KelbySews, is a keeper.

    We love it because it shakes up the “usual” chevron construction and features a combination of large and small squares. Collect the prettiest fabrics you can find—and don’t forget to keep your iron handy to press open the seams—and you can easily create a visual masterpiece that echoes the vintage pop of the 1950s.


    Hunter's Star

    The Hunter's Star quilt block may look difficult, but we like it a lot it because it's really a simple 16-patch that utilizes two uncut blocks in each row. All other blocks are simple half-square triangles pieced together to form the design. You'll find an easy Hunter's Star pattern and tutorial by Janet Wickell, quilting expert, at About.com. One tip, though—not unlike the chevron design, the Hunter's Star requires a little extra attention to detail to ensure all the points line up precisely.



    A relatively modern design, the Kaleidoscope quilt wasn’t seen much before the mid-60s. Why? The colours and designs of fabric required in specific amounts to create this motif wouldn't have been feasible in the early days of quilting. Unlike more traditional motifs that made good use of whatever fabrics the lady of the house happened to have on-hand, the kaleidoscope is an art quilt that evolved as quilting became more pastime and less necessity.  

    To make yours, see the Kaleidoscope Pattern by Janet Wickell available at About.com.


    Log Cabin

    A favourite for quilters of all skill levels, the Log Cabin may be the most versatile patch in our repertoire. We love it most because it's an easy quilt pattern for using up small strips and pieces. Then, we love it all over again for its versatility. 

    The Log Cabin can be arranged to form a variety of designs. Make a traditional block, like this one found over on QuiltSocial.com, or go wild with zany-coloured strips to form a diamond or zigzag quilt. A simple and easy quilt for sure, but still quite satisfying.  


    Attic Window

    An easy-to-handle technique for piecing the multi-dimensional Attic Window block can be found on Straw.com. One of our favourite easy quilt patterns when done correctly, the Attic Window forms a breathtaking optical illusion, yet it's deceptively simple to make.

    This block sometimes utilizes a single square of print fabric in the middle of each window pane—forming the view from the attic. When the quilt is complete, the illusion is striking.


    Rail Fence

    Easy enough for beginners, the Rail Fence pattern over on About.com gets done quickly when you use strip-piecing techniques to create your squares. Once pieced and cut to the appropriate sizes, blocks are simply placed in alternating vertical and horizontal positions to form a zigzag motif.

    We love the Rail Fence because it's super simple, and there are no pesky points to line up.



    Straw.com offers up a whole page of easy quilt patterns dedicated to the traditional Pinwheel, ranging in difficulty from easy cut-and-piece to designs that use paper-piecing. If you like the whimsical Pinwheel pattern, this link is a jackpot of fun and fabulous ideas.

    We love every variation on the classic Pinwheel, because each one creates dynamic movement and flow.


    Bear's Paw

    Using a combination of half-square blocks, uncut blocks and strips, the Bear's Paw makes a lively motif that adapts well to quilts of all sizes. Easy to cut and relatively easy to piece with minimal attention to point placement, the Bear's Paw pattern is big on tradition.

    We like it because it's a classic design. You'll like it because it's a cinch to construct—and it looks much more complicated when you’re done.



    No list of easy quilt patterns would be complete without the most basic one of all: the Four-Patch. Use uncut squares, half-triangle squares or a combination of the two to create an assortment of simple or complex designs that go together to make surprisingly intricate patterns.

    We love the Four-Patch block so much we couldn't leave it out.  We're sure you're going to love it too.


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