Posted by Brooke Clausen

Finding new inspiration for your next project is easy. If you’re always on the lookout for pattern ideas, here are a few ways to get what you want.

Look online

Go online and check out sites that offer free patterns like Runaway Quilting. We also provide a sizable selection of paid pattern categories and kits you’ll want to explore and try out as well. If you’re looking to pass the time working on a ton of quilting kits, then you’re sure to have fun tackling plenty of these projects.

Check out new additions

Drop by regularly to see daily additions to the inventory. With over 7,000 items in stock, Runaway Quilting offers every quilting enthusiast a haven of supplies, tools, equipment and other goodies. If you’re a die-hard quilter, then you know you can never have too many tools. Shop around and stock up on your favorites. Have fun organizing your sewing room when you get new additions to your collection, the Diary of a Quilter says.

Know what you want

You’ll find it easier to narrow down your options for new quilting patterns and ideas if you already know the kind and scope of the project you want to take on. That’s going to make it easier for you to shop around for what you need, from the fabrics to the quilt kits, sewing notions and more.

Join a club

There’s just something fun about coming together for the good things in life, and by good things, we mean quilting. If you want to talk to someone about your quilting projects or get ideas about patterns and designs, there’s no better way to do that than join a club. You’ll find plenty of tips and advice coming your way.

Make gifts

Consider giving out hand-made gifts to friends and family this year. Take on the challenge by looking for the perfect quilting project for each of your loved ones. The fantastic thing about this is that you can custom-make each gift to suit every person on your list. Pick fabrics in the colors and materials they like. Choose a project that they’ll like. Put in details like their initials or a bit of design that sets each gift apart. Your gifts are sure to be a hit when you finally give them out.

Get free shipping

When you’re looking for new patterns, be sure to check out Runaway Quilting. With free shipping for orders over $200, you’ll want to buy in bulk and take advantage of the cost-savings.