Posted by Cathy Cooper

What Size Of Needle Is Best For Quilting?

There are many variables to consider in quilting, one of which is the quilting needle size. For both hand quilting and machine quilting, you want to know what size needle you need for quilting. 

When choosing the best size needle for quilting, there are several factors to consider. 

In today’s post, we’ll explain how to determine what size needle you need for quilting. 

Quilting Needle Size Guideline

First, you need to stick with the two most important guidelines: the weight of the thread and the type of fabric. 

You should examine the type of thread you are using. The size of the needle must be able to accommodate the threat. For example, if you’re using a specialty thread, you may need an Embroidery or Topstitch needle with a larger eye. 

Next, you must consider the type of needle based on the type of thread and fabric you’re using. We will break down needle types in the next section. 

Needle Size and Type

For needle size, as the number gets larger, the blade and eye get larger. You’ll also have to consider the type of needle. For example, do you want a more rounded point or a sharper needle?

If you need to stitch between thread fibres, you should select a slightly rounded point as it won’t damage the fibre. On the other hand, if you’re looking to penetrate fabrics with high thread counts, then you’ll need a sharper needle. 

Determining the best needle for quilting is all about looking at your specific project and the thread and fabrics involved. 

How to Know if You’re Needle is the Wrong Size

Choosing the correct quilting needle size is not easy, and it’s normal to make mistakes at first. As you become a more experienced quilter, you’ll be able to quickly and more easily find the best size needle for quilting. If you notice any of these signs, then  you do not have the best needle for quilting:

  • Skipped stitches
  • Thread shreds or breakage
  • Poor tension 

One of the Best Needles for Quilting 

There are many types and sizes available for quilting, and you’ll have to carefully evaluate your project to determine your best needle for quilting. However, one of our favourites is the Topstitch Needle. The Topstitch needle has a large eye and a deep groove on the shaft that helps protect the thread. If you’re looking for a good place to start, we suggest checking out the Topstitch needle in titanium.

Find Your Best Needle for Quilting 

One great starting point is to choose a needle pack of mixed sizes. This way, you’ll have different needles available and it will be easier to figure out which size needle you need for your quilting project. 

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