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Shop for Quilt Backs at Runaway Quilting

Lovely and charming quilt backs can make a difference in your quilt sandwich. Piecing it together often takes up a lot of time and effort. If you have little to no spare time on your hands or if you want to get the quilt done as soon as possible, then you won’t have to create one yourself. You can simply shop around for quilt backs. For quilt backing fabric options in Canada, check out what Runaway Quilting has in store for you.

Range of options

We understand the importance of choice. We don’t want you to be limited in expressing your creativity through your quilting projects in any way. That’s why we provide you with a slew of options you can choose from. Whether you’re looking for solid, floral, gingham quilt backs or more, we have what you need. You won’t have a problem finding the quilt backs that are perfect for your project.

Quality brands

With top brands for quilt backing fabric options in Canada like A.E. Nathan Co, Bernatex, Fireside, Maywood Studios, P&B Textiles and more, you can rest easy, knowing you are buying premium materials from trustworthy brands in the business. That’s because Runaway Quilting values your business. We know that quality matters. We make it a point to partner only with brands that will bring value to our customers as a part of our commitment to ensuring consumer satisfaction and happiness.

Different materials

Decide on the materials you want. Whether you’ve got your mind set on cotton, flannel, polyester or even batik, we keep our inventory fully stocked. The last thing we want is for you to put in an order for something, only to be told later that we’ve already run out of supplies. Whatever materials you need, come to us. Our dedication to providing you with your quilting needs drives us to keep our inventory stocked at all times.

Slew of colors

Matching the right colors can give you the festive-looking quilt you want. Whether you want those back quilts in shades of pale blue colors or warm, yellow ones, you won’t have to look far and wide to find fabric options for the color combinations you want. Runaway Quilting’s extensive inventory packs a lot of options.

Enjoy shopping around. Browse through our product pages to know more of what we have to offer you. For inquiries and orders, contact us today at Runaway Quilting.

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