Posted by Brooke Clausen

 Baby quilting patterns

Making a quilt for a baby shower or as a 1st birthday gift is a great way to give something unique and timeless.By creating a baby quilt pattern , you know it will be a one of a kind gift that will be treasured for many years to come.

Size is Important

As a general guide a quilt for a baby is typically 30”x40”, and for a toddler crip the size is 36” x 52”. But to ensure the correct size, the best option is to measure the crib mattress and add a half or a whole foot around the edge. If the quilt is not specifically for a crib, you might decide to make it bigger and square in shape, so that it can double up as a play matt for the baby.

Use Colors Wisely

When selecting colours for the quilt we often try to follow the colour scheme of the nursery. However, as the nurseries are often decorated in pale colours, choosing the same colour scheme may not be a wise choice. As many moms would confirm, babies can be a bit grubby, and therefore everything around them is often washed. So try to use colours that will respond well to frequent washing and drying, but also provide visual stimulation for the baby.

Mix and Match

Babies' rooms are typically fun and whimsical. By using a variety of different patterned fabrics and bright colours, you can enhance the overall look of the room."Be playful with the choice of colours, patterns , and textures in creating the ideal baby quilt.

Select Fabrics Carefully

Babies and young toddlers love the feel of soft fabrics. In general, it is suggested to use 100% cotton, as it has fewer irritants and chemicals. But fabrics such as flannel, satin or Minky, which is silky and soft, are a very popular option. Regardless of which fabrics you decide to use, make sure that all of them can be washed together.