Posted by Lukas Kowalewski

If you are thinking about learning the art of quilting, you might need some directions on where to start. There is a huge selection of quilting tools, materials, and techniques, and all of this can be overwhelming for someone who is just starting. Here are three tips on how to get started.

#1: Choose Something Simple First

For your first project choose something simple. You want to give yourself time to develop the skills required to quilt more intricate designs and patterns. Many quilting designs use the ¼” measurement, so learn how to measure and sew a perfect ¼” blocks. Once you master it, you will gain the confidence to move onto more complex projects.

#2: Keep Your First Quilt Smaller

The biggest mistake you can make is to start with big projects that can be overwhelming and challenging. With the lack of experience and skills, you are likely to make mistakes that can be discouraging. Start with small quilts, that will give you the opportunity to practice different stitches and build confidence. Choose a pre-cut design that will guide you step-by-step in creating a complete quilt.

#3: Take it Easy and Slow

Don't rush! When you obtain a guide for beginners in quilting, one of the first thing you will learn is that quilting should not be rushed. It is not all about the quantity but the quality. With your first projects don't set a deadline, but take the time to perfect your skills and draw joy from every piece you saw together. Your stitching is not going to be perfect at first, but the more you practice, the better you will get.

But most importantly remember: quilting connects many people all over the world. So the best way to enter the quilting family is to join a quilting group or a few and share your passion, concerns, and knowledge with others who will share theirs in return.