Posted by Brooke Clausen

Whether you're a beginner in the world of quilting, or you're an old hand, skilled and experienced, using quilt patterns offers the chance to try something new and exciting. And with so many patterns to choose from, there’s an endless source of inspiration and guidance for all skill levels. Let’s explore a few reasons to consider quilt patterns for your next quilting project.

Beginners' Luck

Quilting can be an intimidating hobby to step into. It's steeped in tradition, and following patterns for hand-sewn clothing can be confusing, nevermind the depth and involvement of sewing in quilting. But with the right pattern at hand, a beginner can dive into the world of quilting with a solid guide at their fingertips. And with our handy guide, The Ultimate Guide to Quilting for Beginners, we'll help you navigate the creation of your first quilt successfully. And once you create your beautiful quilt, you'll want to create another.

Something New

Quilting patterns are being created every day. For those of us who have extensive experience with quilting, the constant influx of patterns offers something new to try in a sea of traditional patterns. With a new design comes a new challenge, something different to try, and something different to create. The beautiful result of your quilt will keep you looking for more patterns and eager to work on more quilting projects.


Some of us are talented enough to alter patterns on a whim or create our own from scratch. By using patterns, or even just browsing them, some of us may find inspiration in those patterns. Tweaking certain aspects of a design can leave you with a quilt you’re satisfied with. And that beautiful quilt makes a lovely, unique gift, or a cozy addition to your living room or bedroom.


Make your tradition: let a friend borrow a pattern to create the same beautiful quilt, or host a quilting party with a group of friends. A circle of people working on the same pattern allows those individuals to potentially interpret the directions differently. It certainly offers those individuals to design their quilt squares however they see fit. The result is a collection of unique perspectives in one beautiful quilt.

Quilt patterns are a staple of the quilting world for all skill levels. Patterns offer a guide to beginners, a fresh new perspective to practices quilters, or a taste of inspiration to long-experienced quilters.