Posted by Cathy Cooper

Fabric stores have a wide range of different options including new and unusual patterns that are very beautiful and unique. Depending on the project at hand, one can find a plethora of different types of fabric in all different colors and patterns. Whether you are planning on making a quilt, sewing doll clothing, or trying your hand at making curtains, you are sure to find just what you are looking for from fabric stores online in Canada.

Purchasing precut fabric for your project

No matter the scope of your project, to get the best results, it helps to have the right tools and materials. Pre cut fabric is one of those materials that makes it easier to get your project done according to the specific requirements needed. You can find pre cut fabric from fabric stores online Canada suppliers such as Runaway Quilting. We have a nice selection of fabric to choose from that will bring out the best in your project.

A variety of sizes

Not all sizes of precut fabric are suitable for your project at hand. When it comes to choosing from the available options, it helps to take your time and browse through the sizes that are listed. Check these sizes against the instructions for your project so that you know exactly which types of fabric to purchase. Some of the sizes pre-cut fabric is available in include 1 1/2” strips, 2 1/2” strips, 5” strips, 5” squares and 10” squares. You can also find the fabric you need in the shape of Hexagons or in one meter cuts.

Specialty fabric

In addition to finding standard fabric squares, you can also find speciality fabric for your upcoming project. This includes pleather fabric, mesh fabric, and fabric with whimsical prints. You may have to check different fabric stores online Canada services in order to get just the speciality fabric you are looking for.

Runaway Quilting has many different types of fabric available to select from. Find out more by exploring the website to make your best selection.