Posted by Cathy Cooper

There is something very special about quilting – it is the quilting community that has no boundaries. Quilting enthusiasts are all around the world – people of different ages, backgrounds, but the same passion for quilting! This strong community created an online support network in the form of blogs, where everyone can find inspiration, learn or ask for a help with their project.

There are hundreds if not thousands of quilting blogs, but we have selected 5 that we feel will benefit you in your future quilting projects.


A Quilting Life by Sherri

Quilting Life offers inspiration and tutorials for modern quilting projects. Sherri, a mother of four, has over two decades of experience which she shares on her blog, in articles and two books she wrote.

Diary of a Quilter by Amy Smart

This is another blog written by a mother of four. Amy has been quilting since she was young, and she offers an abundance of help and inspiration for quilters of all levels. From step-by-step instructions on how to make a quilt to binding, make sure you visit her blog and amazing tutorials.





Fresh Lemons by Faith

Faith has been quilting since 2009, and as for many of us little did she know that a simple project will change her life forever. She is now writing a blog that offers great ideas and patterns as well as very easy to follow tutorials. She has also written few books including Amy Butler's In Stitches, so you are definitely in for a ride with this author.  





Quilting is My Therapy by Angela

Angela has a great passion for machine quilting, and the purpose of her blog is to serve as a significant resource for machine quilters. On her blog you will find close up pictures of machine quilting, tips and tricks as well as many quilting designs and tutorials.





She Quilts a Lot by Peta Peace

Brisbane, Australia based Peta has been quilting for over 14 years, and now she is sharing her knowledge on her blog. We love the relaxed way of delivering tutorials, with easy to read explanation and beautiful close-up pictures. Apart from tutorials on making quilts, you will also find here instructions on how to make tiny stockings, lavender bags and much more.

Hope you will enjoy these blogs, but don’t stop there. In your free time explore the internet and uncover many more sources of inspiration.


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