Posted by Cathy Cooper

Free Rail Fence Quilt Patterns


The rail fence quilt pattern is an excellent choice for quilters of all skill levels, including beginners. Using rail fence quilt patterns, you can build fundamental skills while creating a fun and visually appealing quilt. Additionally, you don’t have to waste a single inch of scrap when you choose a rail fence pattern.


Create your perfect first, second, third, or 50th quilt with a simple rail fence quilt. Transform your scraps or pre-cuts into an intricate quilt that looks much more complicated than it is. 


In this post, we will share 7 simple rail fence quilt patterns that are ideal for beginners. Read on to learn more. 

What is a rail fence quilt?

A rail fence quilt is created by combining strips of fabric. You combine the strips of fabric to make quilt blocks and then connect the blocks together to create a unique quilt. Typically, you will create blocks that are four quadrants of two strips of fabric. Because of this, rail fence quilts require extensive measuring, cutting, and sewing, but they are manageable for beginners because of the straight lines. 

Simple Stripes Pattern 

The first rail fence quilt pattern is absolutely amazing for beginners. It focuses on setting up two smaller offset contrasting stripes per block. It is an incredibly simple pattern that both looks great and helps new quilters focus on their technique. You can find the free pattern HERE

Rolling Rail Fence Quilt 

Beginners can tackle this incredibly eye-catching rail fence quilt pattern. It’s a new twist on a classic, incorporating jelly roll quilt patterns. Download the Rolling Rail Fence Quilt pattern and get started!


Rainbow Rail Fence Quilt 

Use up all of your scraps with this gorgeous, fun rail fence quilt. This bright, unique quilt allows you to master colours, monochromatic schemes, and batiks. This pattern relies on small strip quilt blocks and large quarters, making it ideal for newer quilters. Download the pattern today and try this one out. 

Quilt Table Topper Pattern 

Spruce up your kitchen or outdoor table with this gorgeous rail fence pattern. It will brighten up any space and makes an excellent table topper. The bright, floral fabrics are perfect for the warmer months and offer a decorative warming element to your home. You can find this pattern HERE

Step In Time Quilt 

The Step in Time quilt combines many unique colours for a stunning, versatile quilt. Slightly alter the measurements to create free bed quilt patterns, and choose between layer cakes or a charm pack quilt. This one looks great and is very flexible. Give it a try today!

Split Rail Fence Quilt Pattern

This rail fence quilt makes an adorable baby quilt pattern. Trade between cream and lovely print stripes to create the perfect rail fence baby quilt. Take a look at the free pattern and try it out. 

Twisted Rail Fence Quilt Blocks 

Create your very own quilting design by starting with this rail fence block. Start with a traditional rail fence block. Then, slice it in half on the diagonal and re-sew it together using a half from a different rail fence block. The result is a striking, unique rail fence quilt block to build your very own quilt from. Check out the free pattern HERE. 

The Best Rail Fence Quilt Supplies 

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